Slurs/Ties - Flattening and Dashing


Will it be possible to flatten slurs across long phrases as can be done in Score? Also, will the center of normal slurs have any extra thickness as in Score? (see attachment SLUR.png)

Will the dashed slurs look like slurs (versus a dashed line in Product B that doesn’t even center itself across the length of the slur)? (see attachment SLUR2.png)

Will it be possible to have dashed ties? Or partial ties, or even partial dashed ties? This comes up when there are multiple endings, and the tie doesn’t carry through to all of them. Easy in Score, very painful in Product B.


Yes, you can specify that a slur should be drawn with a flat curvature, yes, you can make slurs dashed (and even half-dashed, i.e. solid at the left-hand side and dashed at the right-hand side, or vice versa), you can add vertical editorial strokes to slurs, and the dashes look much prettier than those slightly wonky-looking SCORE ones (no offence intended).

You can also have dashed and half-dashed ties, as well. A partial dashed tie is perhaps not possible at the moment, unfortunately.

regarding TIES… will it be possible to show only the start and end of long ties? This is often preferable and increases legibility in dense chordal situations, in organ music e.g…

I understood that there are different styles for ties. Some composers, like Hans Werner Henze uses straight line (like gliss line) between notes as a tie. Will this be also supported in Dorico? I hope it will be so, because it would be useful feature when writing music in open meter.

Not in the first version, no, but maybe in the future.

No, this is also not supported at the moment. I guess you could achieve a completely straight line for a tie by way of our properties interface by specifying no curvature (i.e. no height and no shoulders) and no change in line thickness over the length of the line, should you really need to do it before such time as we are able to add it.

This is all done through the Properties window?

I must say, the Properties window looks like one of the coolest features of Dorico. The ability to click virtually anything and manually edit the properties (like you could in SCORE) has definitely been something I’ve wanted for a while.

Yes. You can set up the default options via the Engraving Options dialog, and then provide per-item overrides via the Properties panel.

Not in the first version, no, but maybe in the future.

This would also be great for ties across meter or key changes

I hope that we will at least be able to white-out the area where a tie crosses a time or key signature change, but this is somewhat different to what Frank is asking for, I think, or at least could be different, since you would normally draw the tie as if it continued into the area that is whited-out, rather than being drawn as two separate ties either side of the key/time change.

Very encouraging!

It would be great to post an example, thank you Daniel.

Here’s a very quick and dirty example:

Great! It is definitely a huge space saver and for sure a unique setting among notation softwares.

In my opinion, what is very important with ties is

  • Ability of changing the curvature
  • Ability of changing the start & end points

This because in crowded scores the interference with a tie is quite probable. In the last versions of Cubase Score, this is only possible hiding the tie and drawing a slur by hand. In previous versions it was just impossible (if you wanted a right sounding tie :wink: )

Dorico has more options for tie placement than you can shake a stick at. Although it will be possible to adjust the curvature and placement of ties in Engrave mode, we’ve worked hard at positioning them automatically that you should rarely need to, even in crowded multi-voice situations.

These are really good news! :smiley:

Obviously also the way ties, and particularly slurs are handled in line and page breaks is very important :exclamation: But I’m sure this is already done :slight_smile: