Slurs tucking like this?

Hey folks,

can somebody please point me towards the setting to make the slurs behave like this:
Screenshot 2022-09-09 092115
instead of like this:
Screenshot 2022-09-09 092411
Under the beams, that is…


Could be wrong, but I don’t think there’s any setting to accomplish this automatically.

There’s this, but changing it might have undesirable consequences for other slurs.

There’s no automatic feature to achieve this. You can either move the slurs by hand in Engrave mode, or use the values available in the properties panel. Either methods can get you there very fast with some practice!

Thx all!
As per a new feature request, the team should consider making this behavior switchable/configurable in some shape or form.

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I prefer the way Dorico does it - the slurs are clearly visible. Besides, I think it’s a more common practice.

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I’d care to disagree.
In the original, it’s clearly visible what the legato part is, and which notes are to be slurred together.
Again, options are good!


I agree, especially because it’s a guitar part (isn’t it?) with pull off and hammer on techniques on these specific note changes. I admit that for a piano part (or organ, marimba…) the default would be ok for me.
In this case, I wonder whether using two different voices (up and downstem) would make things clearer.

It very much is!

Of course they would choose to have Dorico draw slurs the more standard way, at least at first. But you do see this kind of on-the-notehead placement occasionally, especially in keyboard music where certain notes are slurred and sharing a stem with other notes.

But Dorico so far lacks any mechanism for slurs to apply to a particular note in a chord. We would need a whole new function in order to apply settings to it.

That’s a good point I didn’t think of!

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