Slurs - two questions

I’ve been looking for answers without success, I hope somebody here can help.

  1. Is it really not possible to lengthen a slur to the next note?
  2. If I filter top notes in order to copy them to another instrument the slurs will not be copied. Do I have to copy once more with only the slurs selected?

It is easily possible. Select the slur, then apply the standard extend key (shift-alt-right on Windows)

Whatever is selected will be copied. If you filter out items, they will not be included in the copy. I don’t know your situation, but perhaps you should deselect the notes you don’t want? Or add back the slurs to your selection (ctrl-click) before copying?

Alternatively, use paste special>paste articulations (which will also copy slurs)


@bengtberger besides the useful suggestions of @Janus , for Nr.1 you can also, after selecting the slur in write mode, drag the end point (little red circle) to the desired rhythmical position (and the start point too) with the mouse/trackpad.

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Thank you Janus, That’s what I thought; I’m on Mac and I tried shift-alt-right without success. Now I tried once more on another part and it worked as intended but when I try it again on the place I wanted it extends till the end of the flow! At another place I erase it and select three notes add the slur but it insists on covering four notes, could it be because of some linking to other parts?

For the second one I think the best will be to copy the whole thing and then select and erase the low notes. It would be convenient to be able to select more than one kind of content.

Christian_R: Yes, thanks, but then I have to switch to Engrave.

No, in write mode the selected slurs have round endpoints that you can drag to rythmical position on subesequent/previous notes. (In engrave mode they have several square points, but in that case is only a graphical positioning…)

Slur selection in Write mode (rhythmical position editing):

different from the slur selection in Engrave mode (graphical position editing):

you have probably different voices. You can switch on the voices color and see what is going on. Or post the project here.

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That’s exactly how Dorico works. It selects everything that you select (notes, tuplets, articulations, slurs, dynamics, text…)! The filter then allows you to refine that selection either by selecting just one type of item (which excludes everything else), or progressively deselecting (taking out one type of item at a time).


Yes indeed Christian. I changed to upstem voice 1 for those bars and it works as it should. Thank you, I wouldn’t have guessed that.

and yes, I had tried many times but not until now when I kept the mouse there it worked. Again thanks a lot.

I don’t follow. How do I deselect e.g. all slurs from a longer part after selecting everything?

Look at the Filter menu - at the top there is Select Only and Deselect Only. So choose deselect only (the filter closes and you need to reopen it, which is a pain) but now you can choose slurs and they will be deselected.

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Wonderful! Just what I need. Thanks a whole lot Janus. I learned a lot from both of you. <:-)

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