Slurs:"Vertical distance of noteheads on lines" doesn’t work

Changes in ‘Notensatz-Optionen: Bindebögen: Positionierung der Endpunkte, An Notenköpfen: Vertikaler Abstand von Notenköpfen auf Linien’ don’t work: It has no influence on the slurs. But the position of this slurs can be manipulate by “Vertikaler Abstand von Notenköpfen zwischen Linien”

Another problem: Values below 1/2 are not possible in ‘Vertikaler Abstand von Notenköpfen zwischen Linien” (or is that intended?)
Bildschirmfoto 2017-06-30 um 18.29.07.png

… but your attachment shows a value of 1/4… isn’t that less than 1/2? :slight_smile: Anyway, you can enter decimal values everywhere if you want …

Oh, it must be: ‘Vertikaler Abstand von Notenköpfen zwischen Linien”. Sorry!

OK :slight_smile: But you should still be able to set it to any value you want… D. don’t care if you go crazy… :wink:

The options of ‘Vertikaler Abstand von Notenköpfen auf Linien’ only effects the distance from note heads on the line inside the stave. For distance from note heads on the outermost stave line or further away, always the other options, ‘Vertikaler Abstand von Notenköpfen zwischen Linien’ is applied.

In addition there are two further steps that influence the distance between the slur endpoint and the note head. A collision avoidance step, that make sure there is a minimum gap between the slur and other objects, controlled by the ‘Mindestabstand auf der Innenseite der Bogenlinie, um Zusammenstöße zu vermeiden’. And a fine tuning step, which makes sure that slur endpoints inside the stave never gets closer to any stave line than 1/4 of the space size. As far as I remember, this value is not user configurable.

The consequence of the former, that distance between the slur end point and notehead will be the bigger value of the two options (vertical distance between slur end point and notehead, and minimum distance to avoid collision).