Sly Stone Wins $5M Against Ex-Manager

Aloha guys,

Seems this story never ends:

First homeless and now this. Can a hit record be far behind?


Sounds like ‘Sly’ got the Ol’ ‘Shaft’ there for a while…not unfamiliar in this business :exclamation:

Sort of off topic, but I recently saw a webcast with Larry Graham. I watched to get the free Eddie Kramer guitar plugin, but man, can that dude play the bass! Watching him do his thing at his age was a hoot! He’s got almost 10 years on me, and I can’t do half of those moves due to advanced arthritis and back pain.

Then again, he can’t sing half as good as I can.

That’s great to hear… It was sad that he became homeless. That’s what happens to a lot of musicians, they don’t understand the business. Another example is the Beatles how could they not own their music?

The performance of “i want to take you higher” at woodstock alone,was worth that amount x 10 +

This makes me feel better about the world…

I love Prince or whatever he is called at the moment,
but I think he should pay Sly as well for all the years of
politely ripping him off.

Oh well.