I know the SM7B has a low output level, has anyone used it with a UR28M/D-Pre, does it produce enough level to record on?
Thanks :question:

I would imagine so. I have the UR824 and my wife has the UR22 and both seems to produce
decent results with lower priced Shure mics. I mean even lower priced than the SM7B.

Ive tried numerous different mics with the UR28M, both dynamics and condensers (don’t have any ribbon mics) without any problems whatsoever, insofar as concerns levels and the Pres in general.

Thanks for the replies, but have you tried the SM7b, specifically? When I inquired about that mike, the sales person said that I would need a extra pre with that mike, but I have read that I will need 60db of gain out of a pre to get satisfactory level with that mike. I think that is the output of the UR28M. :sunglasses:

You have more to be concerned with, in regards to what you are recording, with the SM7b. 60 db of gain recommendation, is typical, but you could record a loud singer, with the SM7, with 30 db of gain. It seems to come across in forums, that the fact that the mic has a lower output than say the SM57, means you need more gain at the preamp stage. Well, yeah, to some degree, but you are not recording your cat scratching itself, are you?

Yes, the UR should be more than capable of effectively giving needed gain for the SM7b, but it depends on what it is you are recording. Probably not the best mic for recording a butterfly’s wings flapping.

Sorry if that came across wrong, I just find it silly, that so many say that you need so much gain for the mic, yet never relate the needs, to the source…

And I would be curious to hear some butterfly wings. lol

Thanks, that answers my question, sorry for the slow reply. I’m not planning on recording butterfly flapping any time soon. :sunglasses:

Well that is good to hear. :slight_smile:

I use an SM7B with the UR824 regularly. Sounds great. Definitely have enough gain. I can see where a quiet singer that wasn’t close enough to the mic might have problems but just tell them to get closer, the mic is designed for close mic applications anyway. Sounds great.