Small and big order for the next cubase update

Hello, I think Mr. Matthias Quellmann said that ONLY this software is compatible with Windows 10, since it is better the system and performance. But I want to tell you that it’s fine, but I want you, Mr. Matthias Quellmann, that the same software is compatible with 32-bit interfaces and plugins, since my use “tools” are of this type of architecture. We don’t just “use” KONTAKT in general. If not, there are plugins that are not recognized and there are others that were previously recognized but left because they were not very user-friendly, but they are still being used.

In my opinion they “must” be compatible with “everyone” regardless of which music company they come from.

I have not yet used this update, but versions starting with version 9 do not support 32-bit plugins.

They should do like the other competitions (FL STUDIO) that if “really” the user is right to use the 32-bit architecture plugins.

I hope this message sees you as a “request” from a user who needs their “old” tools. Thanks and sorry for the details friend.

Sorry my bad English XD :slight_smile: