Small and humble new feature requests

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place.
Wavelab is really many steps ahead for mastering in all aspects and I have been enjoying it for years.
But… I have some really small features that shouldn’t be that hard to implement.

  • Sequential ISRC
    In the CD Wizard and under the sequential ISRC number it would be great to choose what digit you would like to have in ascending order. In Europe most labels use the second to last number as the track number and the last digit is normally used for alternate versions of the track.

  • The Phase scope.
    Would be good to have an auto size that only scales down.
    Pretty annoying when it maximizes a -110dB signal to look like the most dense audio signal ever.
    The behaviour of the “auto slow” on my clarity M meter is more usable. The one in Supervision is better then the standard one I have in my wavelab layout, but still not perfect.

  • Show/Hide Tabs and Columns
    In the tabs (marker, clip, CD ++) it would be great to be able to rearrange them or even choose what columns you would like to see?
    Declutter a little. Also if there are long titles an a lot of info then you don’t need to scroll horizontally to adjust the “pre gain” or something.

Thanks again.

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I did not know that. I have added to my todo list.

This is already on my todo list. I will raise the priority a bit.

Please show some screenshots so that I better see what you mean. Thanks.


Sorry fore the late reply…
This is a screenshoot of the input on my recording after the analog chain (catch). Phase scope is zoomed in a lot and when paused it is a bit disturbing and also customers could think you have a noisy chain (I of course do not care about that). haha.

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This photo of the TC clarity is showing what I would expect to see when paused like this.

Then, what about unchecking this option?


When it is unchecked and you do loud stuff the metered signal is going way out of the tilted square/meter area.

Not that crucial for me since I have it on my desk, but thought I’d let you guys know.

A couple more.
Should I start new threads? Could email future requests to PG1 or someone directly.

  • Is there also a way to have more then one instance of timecode in the layout?
    I mean. could that be implemented?

  • This text in front of the numbers is a bit annoying. Would be good to have the possibility to hide it or have it alignes on the left. I know that it is because my time code meter window is that small.
    Screenshot 2023-01-04 at 15.16.08

  • The notes tab. When in dark mode, when pasting text the background turnes “white” and it is hard to read the text… Even when pasted plain.
    Same happened earlier when I briefly used windows.
    The formating is also not kept.

Maybe. If that’s not too much effort (to be evaluated for WaveLab 12).

It’s hard to fit all cases. Resizing the window helps, of course. And not using the LCD style too (this is an option). I don’t plan to change something.

I can’t reproduce a problem. Please show a picture.
But copy/paste from eg. a word application is not meant to keep the original formatting.
Don’t count on that for WaveLab.