Small annoyance - saving issue

I’ve noticed that if I render “as selected” clips, close the montage, then re-open the montage, make changes, then try to render again using “as selected” clips, Wavelab does not remember the last file name I rendered. Instead, it always changes the default file save name to be the name of the montage… but I"m rendering “clips”, not the entire montage… I really wish Wavelab would not keep inserting the montage file name every time I try to render a clip. I want it to remember the last file name and folder instead.

It’s just a small annoyance… but it annoys me enough that I feel the need to post here about it… PG, please correct this behavior…


Do you perhaps have the “Auto naming” option activated in the dropdown section that appears when you click the tiny arrow?

Do you not see previously rendered file names in that dropdown menu that you can quickly select as a starting point?

There are also some other naming options below “Auto naming” that you might find useful.

See the attached screen shot to get an idea of the menu I’m referring to in the render dialogue box.

THANK YOU!!! You have saved me from going insane! Yes, it looks like “auto naming” was checked. I unchecked it and I can finally operate normally again. Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


No problem. It’s amazing sometimes how many options are hiding within WaveLab. Half the time I ask about a feature request the option is already available, I just didn’t realize it.