Small Anomaly

In preparing to use the Right hand Fingering popover, I opened a V2 score where the R.H. fingering had been added via Text. In attempting to filter it so as to delete it, the Filter>Text would not highlight the items. I could, however, filter and select them if I tried to filter for Lyrics. That worked. So, something changed - they had not been entered as Lyrics. Not really a problem, but it may come up to baffle someone else, so perhaps this will prevent confusion.

You’ll need to attach the project here so that we can take a look and determine what’s going on. I’m certain that items entered as text cannot spontaneously become lyrics or vice versa, but I cannot offer the actual explanation without seeing the project.

I’ll see if that is the case when going through older scores. It’s a small thing, and may just be - as I posted - an anomaly.