Small Automation dialog bugette

Just a little one…


Open the Automation panel and click on the settings cog wheel. The setting panel extends outside the automation panel which looks a bit odd.

Is this as designed or a cosmetic bug?


I would say as designed. It doesn’t make much sense to make the Automation Panel bigger, just because of the Automation Settings window. And it doesn’t make much sense to try to make the Automation Settings window smaller, just because of this. In English language, it looks, there is a free space. But I could imagine, it’s worse in different languages.

The Automation Panel is taken over the Automation Panel of Nuendo. There are more columns in Nuendo, so the Automation Panel itself is bigger. Which means, this detail is Cubase only.

This is definitely not new in Cubase 8.0.30.

To me it looks odd, almost unfinished as if part of the GUI hadn’t been “rounded off” or there was confusion over the dialog size. But no matter, it doesn’t prevent anything from working.