Small bug after updating

Hello, Philip!

Wavelab 9 is a big step forward, both in change of the interface, and in extension of a functionality. In the whole ambassador of transition from Wavelab 8.5, I had no problems. But after updating 9.0.20, I noted such bug. In the audioeditor, when switching in the M/S mode only from the keypad (ctrl+9), the dialog box doesn’t change the look.
(Windows 7 Professional x64).

The Wavelab black, is simply magnificent. Thanks for your operation.
Wavelab 9 bug.jpg

Sorry, I don’t see where the problem is.

On the enclosed screenshot, the audioeditor is in the M/S mode, but L/R is still reflected in a dialog box

I see. How did you come to that situation?

I’ve noticed that too. Happens when using keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + 9)

Yes, quite so. It would be desirable further, it to correct.

FWIW, I pressed and unknown accidental key command that changed from L/R to M/S view but the indicator in the lower left didn’t change.

Then, when I manually tried to change from L/R to M/S the view was the opposite of the text indicator:

Will be fixed in 9.0.25