Small bug? Browsing in file browser "sometimes" interrupts playback?

If I double click on a wav in the file browser, and start listening to it, all is well…


I’ve noticed only “sometimes” when browsing in the file browser DURING PLAYBACK, that playback will stop if I double click on a folder, or double click to open a file. It doesn’t ALWAYS stop playback though. Sometimes playback continues… Also, sometimes the file I double click to open will become a new tab with focus on it… BUT, sometimes it will be opened as a new tab in the background, and playback can continue… I’m not sure yet why this inconsistency exists…

Any chance this can be resolved? I would prefer that new tabs ALWAYS be opened in the background so playback is never interrupted… I would also prefer that any time I double click on a folder to open it that playback continues as well and is never interrupted.


I think this is fixed in the upcoming WaveLab 11.0.30 update.

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Thanks PG!