small bug in save as

I found a small bug in the save as function when you want to save a wav file.
When you add a space (by accident) behind the filename.wav (so the space after the .wav) and click save it doesn’t do anything. Sure it is not the right way to save a file, but maybe it’s possible to make some popup or something that the filename is not right? Same goes for instance if you add a : in the filename (which is not posssible of course), you get the same thing, no repsonse on what goes wrong.
I also noticed sometimes that when you rename a file and click enter to save, it plays back the file instead of saving it. If you click save it saves of course, but since your in the save as menu, I suspect it to to save instead of playback the file.

Thanks for the report

For me sometimes when I do Save As, it appears with a long file name after the file name…