Small bug in Time Display?

I don’t recall this occurring in previous versions, but I may have just not noticed:
In the Time Display in the Transport, I can click through to see where in the bar I am, what the time elapsed for that flow, or the total time elapsed for the file. Now, after I have been working for a while, I can only get the beat count - the time(s) elapsed won’t appear unless I restart.

Not a deal breaker, but I wonder if anyone else has encountered this.

So when you click on the time display, it no longer cycles between the three different displays? I’ve never heard this reported before.

Exactly. I can’t say for sure when this began, but recently I have been getting error messages - that Dorico didn’t shut down properly (and was discussed in another thread) - and it may be related. I’m fine waiting for the update to see if it changes.