Small bug/issue with 1 bar repeat (%) and selections

I am trying to add a dynamic in a percussion part, after a 1 bar repeat section. When I select the note to add the new dynamic, it not only selects the note, but the previous 1 bar repeat section as well. When I place the dynamic (or whatever else), it now places it at the start of the repeated section (expected behavior if I meant to select the repeated section).

Perhaps the tolerance of where the repeat structure stops is a little too close to where beat 1 of the next measure begins?

Here is a short video showing the issue:


Yes, it probably is a bit too easy to select both the note and the handle corresponding to the end of the bar repeat region. We’ll have a think about how we might be able to address this in future.

Hi Daniel, I was just about to create a topic regarding this and was checking for previous threads. I also find this very frustrating.

In 99% of my projects I use bar repeat regions for rhythm section instruments and almost all the time I will need to select the very next bar somewhere in an instrument. My fingers are so used to the key commands and popovers that it’s not until I’ve pressed Enter or copy/pasted that I realise the whole region has been selected and I have to go back and redo it.

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Not to downplay this request, but a thought: If it’s an immediate dynamic, you can just as well click to select the whole bar and stay away from the downbeat.

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