Small bug - Live input monitor in master section not working at 48khz (at first).

When I first start Wavelab, if I am at 48khz, and I try to engage the live input monitor button in the master section, it will not work. The button flashes for a second, but it will not stay on, and I cannot monitor audio.

Click the small arrow next to the live input monitor button, and when the menu opens, notice that 48khz IS already selected. Click 48khz again. Now it works.

Basically, I have to manually click 48khz in the menu for it to work… otherwise it will not work even though 48khz is already selected when the menu opens.

I’m using a RME HDSPe AIO card, that is slaving to incoming AES (the external A/D has it’s internal clock set to 48khz, and the RME card is properly slaving to 48khz with SYNC to receive the signal).


Thanks for the report. This will be fixed in 10.0.60
(also, the bus was not recalled from relaunching WaveLab).

Cool thanks PG!