Small bug report: Broken "check for updates" link

Hi, the “Check for updates” link in all versions of 3.5 on macOS still appears to be broken. It leads to the updates page for version 3.1. I reported this to support months ago and noticed it in the latest 3.5.12 update. Hopefully this minor issue can be fixed in the next update.

Also, would it be possible to incorporate a simple yes or no response when a user clicks “Check for updates”? Right now we have to jump among different pages and go back and forth between Dorico and a web browser, comparing versions manually. Could messaging such as “You have version 3.5.10. A new version (3.5.12) is now available here” perhaps be added? That would make the update process much easier.

Finally, could a check for updates function be automated? All too often a long time can pass before I for one am even aware that an update has been available for some time, simply because I hadn’t needed to check the forums. It would be great to be notified as soon as any minor or major update/upgrade is available.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum, @Liszt. I’m sorry for the problem with the Check For Updates link. We can’t fix this without updating the software itself (creating a kind of Catch-22) unless we’re also willing to break it for Dorico 3 users.

No Steinberg products currently have the capability to check for updates automatically, but it’s something that we certainly would like to implement across the board in future.