Small bug when opening montages in file browser

I’ve noticed that when clicking on a montage file in the file browser to open it, sometimes Wavelab will open the “Special File Format” window… even though it’s a montage. This happens very often, so it drives me crazy. It’s not a super big deal, but it’s just annoying. Anyway, I’m not sure yet what triggers it… I figured I should report it so it can be fixed.


I take note and will try to reproduce.

I’ve also had regular cases where right clicking on more than one montage file in the Mac Finder to open them in WaveLab results in one of the montages not being to find the needed files which is a bug. I if I do them one at a time there is no problem.

Maybe there is some relation here.

Cool thanks PG…

when clicking on a montage file in the file browser to open it

I could not reproduce so far. Dit you mean WaveLab file browser, or the operating system file browser?

The Wavelab file browser. Here’s a video showing the issue:

I don’t know if it’s any help, but I switch folders often in the file browser… and it seems like this happens more often if I switch a folder, and click on the montage file once time to highlight before dragging into the project window…

This happens almost every single time I open a montage…