Small, but very necessary opportunity

Hi Philip!
It was a few days ago updated to the Pro 9 version and with pleasure I use it in the work. But in the course of work and studying of the new interface of the program, I haven’t found one a trifle, essential to me: set up of a locator in the beginning or the end a loop, by means of keys 1 and 2, on the numeric keypad as it is realized in Cubase and Wavelab v. 8.5. There can be I what I miss that or not everything have understood, or there is no this function in Pro 9? Prompt to me please what not so?
Thanks in advance. Anatomix.

The numeric key pad commands are dedicated to a whole new set of commands (see chapter “Indexed Key Commands”).
Hence 1 and 2 can’t be used as in the past.
But there is a new command to replace them: use [ and ]

Thanks! I have understood and is what is necessary! Though it was more convenient earlier, nevertheless will have to change a habit. So as for many years I used certain combinations, “hot keys”, already “automatically”.

If necessary, you can change these shortcuts. But you can’t use the old ones.