Small documentation on Arpache output midi channel missing

Dear Steinberg support,
thank you for the great software. After several hours (!) of investigation, I found out that the Arppegiators “Arpache” divert the arppegiated notes to the fixed MIDI channel 16, regardless what was the input MIDI channel. Indeed, this is good, because you can assign those notes specifically to an instrument. But why is this not mentioned in the help documentation? Especially that the other MIDI inserts do not do such things. If am right, please insert just a sentence! Best, M.

Just checked my Cubase, and it defaults to Ch16 if I set the output of the channel to ‘Any’.

So you’re right, looks like it internally processes @ 16, but depending on the output channel selected it will route to the channel required.

If I set the channel to be 1,2,3 etc. it will show as 1,2,3 on the MIDI monitor.

Just remember that there is no Input channel selector for tracks in Cubase, the only way you can set an input is by Input filtering. So it’s always the output which you’re selecting.