Small Dynamics Issue in Dorico Pro 3

Hello Dorico crew,
I have the following issue with the dynamics in Dorico Pro 3:

First to mention:

  1. I’m using Spitfire Audio Harp
  2. I’ve created custom Expression Map for this harp
  3. In the E.M. set the Velocity as only dynamic controller.
  4. The customized E.M. is inserted as endpoint for the harp

Here is the problem… Something still triggers the library patches Volume control (CC7)?!
CC7 isn’t active in Play Mode CC Lane.

In Kontakt the default Volume setting for the patches is set to 0dB, but once I press the playback the patches’ volume is triggered.

I hope there is a solution to the problem!

Best regards,

I believe this is an issue with Kontakt itself. Please see this earlier thread.

CC7 is sent by the MIDI section of the mixer in Dorico, but can be overridden by a CC7 automation lane.

Daniel hello, thank you for the reply! :slight_smile: Unfortunately I’m pretty sure that the problem isn’t Kontakt itself related.
I’m using the same Kontakt in Cubase, Overture and VE Pro 7 without any issue. The problem occurs only in Dorico.
You have to check what sends Volume data from Dorico to Kontakt. I can send you the project file on P.M.

Best regards,

Paul hello,
Thank you for the answer! :slight_smile: Is it possible this to be fixed in Dorico? Would be very kind if you are able to improve it! Or at least an option to turn it off in the Preferences.
Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

This is working as intended. The MIDI section in the Dorico mixer outputs CC7, which Kontakt responds to. I’ve added a feature request to our backlog to add a preference for disabling MIDI control via the mixer.

Thank you Paul! :slight_smile:
After all since Dorico uses the Cubase audio engine, then it should behave the same way as in Cubase.
In Cubase’s Mixer, by default the MIDI Volume is set to 0 and doesn’t send data, unless you decide to insert such.
It’s the same in Overture, which is DAW-like notation software.

Once again, thank you! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,