Small EQ request

Hi, wonder if we could please have two more parametric bands for the channel EQ.


You can add 8 EQs as inserts …

but I see where you are coming from, especially if you want to be creative wit the EQs, and see all of it at the same time.

Then again … one channel EQ and and even just one insert is A LOT of possibilities to get counterproductive with? :wink:

You can always change the lpf and hpf into parametric if you dont mind loosing them.

I can always of course just use EQ inserts but by far the easiest way is to work with the built in EQ for basic stuff but I find I just need a couple more. Greedy perhaps :smiley:

Why was this post moved to the Lounge? Even though the title frames it as a feature request, the responses from Split and HowlingUlf are reasonable workarounds that might benefit some readers of the general board.

What about using Cubase’s graphic EQ’s as an insert? I thought there was a 30-band one