Small feature request - disabled tracks

A simple request this,

When audio tracks are disabled in the main page, they appear darker. Could they not appear this way in the mixer too? Also, as talked about previously any inserted plugins should be switched off to save CPU.

Why? well given the debate about and the illogic of lanes, which I understand is an area under review, I prefer to use individual audio tracks for vocal takes. Even once I have comped a vocal, I prefer to keep all takes available in a folder somewhere. I know I can use ‘can hide’ in the mixer, but having the unused channels either darker and / or hidden automatically would be neater and quicker


Nice idea.
If you use disabled tracks a lot it would be really helpfull. How about autmatically hide disabled tracks in the mixer?

Cheers, Matze!

I do disable any unused audio tracks that I need to keep - it stretches my system further, although it’s surprisingly good - (I do keep it clean and optimised)

I mentioned hiding disabled tracks automatically in the mixer. Can-hide works, but is fiddly IMO. Another button saying ‘Hide Disabled’ would be cool

Then how about being able to disable instrument tracks in the same way? Then if needed again, all of the inserts and patch info is already in place and MIDI data is ready to go. If it’s a hungry VST, then freezing can help, but I’d use Disable if it were an option. I know I can use track preset in a similar way, but that then has to have data brought back in from a MIDI track, so it’s a lot of key-strokes when extending the Disable function would be a one-click solution.


Yes, please!!

Can we please have a disable function on instrument tracks?