Small feature request - easier dragging up and down of clips in clips/CD tab, etc

Any chance it could be a little easier dragging clips up and down in the clips/CD tabs? Right now, I click and hold one… try to drag up, and the screen seems stuck like it doesn’t want to scroll… but it will reluctantly do so if I kind of wiggle the mouse around. Anyway, easier dragging would be nice if possible.


The trick is to move the item above the top (or bottom) item of the list, and to stop/wait there. This will cause the list to auto-scroll.

The struggle is real. When have to move a clip up or down and there are a lot of clips, I temporarily make the clips tab teller so I don’t have to fight this scroll bar.

Then, I can return the clips tab to the preferred size. Using a layout preset can help yo do this with speed and precision.

That being said, a shortcut to move the clips up/down like you can in the initial Insert Audio Files window would not be a bad idea.