Small feature request (I think)

it would be useful to be able to specify the default destination folder for graphics exports. I’m glad to keep my Dorico files in the Dorico Projects folder, but when exporting to PDF, they are no longer Dorico projects, and I always want them elsewhere (often in an email or in my iPad, but that’s asking for too much at this point. I often put them of the desktop and go from there). So I change the destination folder every time I make an export. Not a big task, admittedly, but maybe not a big reprogramming task, either. I hope you’ll consider it.

Thanks again for your wonderful product and unique customer service.

Just to counter this, Dorico doesn’t default to the Dorico Projects folder for graphic exports, it defaults to whatever folder the project is currently saved in.

For those of us that like to keep everything related to a project in one folder (Text files for lyrics and contents pages, audio files for samples or for transcribing, graphics files for publication) the current behaviour is most helpful.

Equally I can see Leif’s point.

Edit: iPhone autocorrected product name to that of a triangular crisp (chip) - d’oh!

Well, that’s why I think it would be nice to have the option to change the default. Workflows differ. I don’t want my graphics export in the same folder as the Dorico file. If you do, lucky you…

I must stress, that this is NOT a big deal!

At least the folder is remembered once you set it, so if you subsequently need to export graphics from the same project again later on, that path is saved in the project.


if you are on Mac, you even have two possibilities to achieve your goal:
For storing or handling PDFs you may go via the macOS(*) Print… dialog down to the left.
For all other graphic formats, PDF included, you can choose a Destination folder (to the right)

[Edit]: (*) Dorico still uses the outdated name “OS X”, which is now called “macOS”