Small feature request - paste fades to multiple clips simultaneously? + in and out simultaneous?

When copying and pasting fades to/from clips, I:

  1. click the source clip
  2. use “F, then CTRL+C” or “ALT+F, then CTRL+C”
  3. click the target clip
  4. use “F, then CTRL+V” or “ALT+F, then CTRL+V”

A) When pasting, I notice I can only paste to one clip at a time… I have multiple tracks with different clips, and I’d like to paste to about 6 or 7 clips simultaneously so they all have the exact same fade-out.

B) Please consider adding the ability to copy BOTH the fade-in, AND the fade-out simultaneously with one single command… and to paste with a single command (to a single clip, or multiple clips).

Thanks PG!

I just wanted to bounce this… I was struggling with this again this evening. I wanted to add a bunch of identical fades to a bunch of clips and had to manually copy each one individually. It would be much easier to select the clip with the fade I like, and hit copy… then select all other clips, and hit paste.