Small feature request

I create an audio montage using “Create from Current File” and I specify that the markers in the audio file are to be copied to the montage. They are, except that any comments associated with the markers are not copied. It would be helpful if they were.

Thank you for considering this.


This is a small bug in fact. It will be fixed, but it’s too late for the upcoming 10.0.50 version.

OK, thanks.

A related question: is anything planned that would make it possible see the comments associated with markers in audio files that are part of a montage? The MARKERS tab naturally shows the markers of the montage, and one can see the markers in the source audio file in a montage with the show/hide ruler functionality, but comments associated with the latter markers can’t be seen without separately opening the audio file, which is a bit cumbersome. If I’ve overlooked a way to do this, please let me know.


There is no way. But as you might know, there is a function called “Import Markers from Active Clip’s Audio File to Audio Montage”. But unfortunately, it has the same bug about comments, as you have reported (comments not copied).

OK, Thanks. The comment bug is only a minor inconvenience, but I’m glad to know that it will get fixed eventually.