small feature selection suggestion re: filters...

As I’m working I’m realizing it could (to me) be very useful to have a key command for “repeat last filter selection”. I often find myself enabling a filter (such as “filter lowest note of chord”, etc.), and then wanting to immediately repeat the exact same filter shortly afterwards after I continue to subsequently work. While the “ninja” solution would be to assign individual key commands to every possible filter I might ever use and then memorize and invoke them as needed after selecting something I want to act upon, having an assignable key command for “repeat last filter selection” would allow me to initially choose from the edit->filter menu (without having to memorize every possible filter), but then use the one “repeat last filter selection” key command (or something similar) to repeat whatever I previously manually selected, without having to go back to the menu (which would still save time). A minor suggestion but thought I’d just throw it out there.

  • D.D.

Very good idea. I second this.

Great suggestion!

More good suggestions on filters here:

Thanks for the suggestion, which I have noted.

Me too.