Small Fontsize at "Zone-Screen"

Dear VST LIVE Team,

might it be possible to change the automated font size scaling in the “Zone screen”?
I found it that in case of long names and small keyboard areas the font size is so small that it is hard to read the content. Below please find an example screenshot:

Thanks in adance for your great support :-).


… we’ll check and get back to you,

Thanks for your feedback Michael.
I keep my fingers crossed :wink:

Hi @SKO,

this should help :

… and a little bit smaller …

… and a bit more …

Ready with the next Update,

Thanks Michael for your great support, this looks quite good :-).


Dear Michael,

many thanks for implementing the font-size improvement.

I will try to keep the layer names short (e.g. “Brass H7” instead Brass Hallion 7").

2 New question / requirements from me as a Keyboarder:

Would it be possible to configure in VST LIVE a user-specific standard-keyboard size?
Currently VST is showing an “huge” keyboard:

I am using a master keyboard wih 88 keys. For me it would be helpful if VST live would show me only this 88 keys then it would be easier for me to orientate and configure keyboard-splits at VST LIVE.

Below please find visualization which created for a song to easy see where on the keyboard which sound is positioned:

Would it be possible that VST LIVE could show the different Layer / Zones with different colour codes which maybe would help to easy differenciate (see my colored example at A)? This would maybe also help in case of switching between Layer and Zones. Background: When you are playing a gig and you have for each song different keyboard-splits then a colour code is much easier to identify / differenciate and you do not need to read all text information. Furthermore you can use the same color in scores to mark specific elements.

It would be great if you please could give a short feedback.

Thanks in advance for your great support


Interesting topic…

From the pic posted, the VST Live keyboard display, shows a 10.5 octave spread.!

My immediate thoughts were, do any instruments ‘play’ (or sound.?) below A0 (Midi note number 21), or higher than C8 (Midi note number 108) i.e. outside the range of an 88-key keyboard.?

StudioCode - MIDI notes numbers and Middle C
(scroll to see full chart)

Not quite sure if I get a) correctly - you do know there is a zoom slider so you can adjust which range you want to see?
b) it takes the color of the Layers, which are defined by their input connection color.

Dear Puma & Musicullum,

Thanks for your fast feedback.

@ Puma: Yes you are correct that maybe there are some sounds positions outside of the range of my hardware keyboard.This should be visible.

@ Musicullum:
a) Yes, I am aware about the zoom-slider. But as a keyboarder it would be much easier to create a new song if VST live would show me in a vizual wal the range of my hardware keyboard, so that I can define the slit of my keys. Therefor I made the proposal that a user maybe can configure his hardware-keyboards with their range so that VST live shows already the available hardware-keys.

b) Thanks for your explanation that the colour code is currently colour coded only on the level of the input connection. Maybe that is okay. For some modern songs with multiple synthesizer sounds I need to work with multiple keyboard-splits and I need a vizualization of the current keyboard-split-setting for such a “complex” song with multiple keyboard splits. Therefor I am painting a smal image with the keyboard layout and the keyboard-splits which I am marking with different colours. If required I sometimes also use this color for a keyboard-split-section and mark my music scores with such colour to easy see based on colours what I need to play at with keyboard split. I was thinking if VST live could help me so see in a live view the hardware-keyboard-rage and the key-splits. But maybe this would be to complex. I can also continue by painting some keyboard-split-picutures as it is shown in the screenshot previous above…

I am just talking from the standpoint of a keyboarder. A guitar player maybe has different wishes / requirements ;-).

Below please find a link to the homepage of David Rosenstein a famouse keyboarder and the musical director of Billy Joel. On the second photo of his rig you can see also a visualization of multiple hardware keyboards and colour coded different sounds which are related to different keyboard-splits:
Link to homepage of David Rosental and his Keyboard-Rig from the Billy Joel Tourl

Link to the single picture:

You can save the 2nd picture from the homepage (download) and if you open this single picture then you can better zoom in and see better details of the screenshot.

This was an inspiration which I directly picked up.

Kind regards