Small good quality speakers

Looks like I will have to move to a condo for awhile so much of my studio will go into storage :frowning: I’m wondering if anyone can recommend a good pair of small desktop sized powered speakers?

What’s your budget? You’re aiming to use them as reference monitors?

It all depends on, what you consider as “small” … and about your budget.
With Genelecs (choose model for your size requirement/budget) you can’t go wrong.
If you have budget restrictions, something like KRK RP5 or M-AUDIO BX5a could be good ones.

Good questions.
I would say $500 for my budget and yes I would like a flat response or as close as possible.
I see Bose makes some that sound great but I guess they create a fairly coloured sound?

yes, Bose makes hi-fi speakers which sound awesome but aren’t exactly flat.
Guess I can’t help you much seeing as my main speakers are cheaper than your budget gapfillers :wink:

Over your budget but you won’t find a better small monitor than the Focal CMS40.