Small inconsistency - barline popover

Dear Dorico Dev Team,

I just noticed a really small inconsistency that you may want to consider fixing. In the Create Barline area, when hovering with the mouse we get “Normal”, “Double”, “Final”, etc. showing various names indicating the shortcuts. And when using the barline popover Shift-B, I can type “Final”, “Tick”, “Double” “Start” (for start repeat), etc., but typing “Dashed” or “Normal” does not work.

Read the top section.

Thanks pianoleo, I know the shortcuts but I am glad you steered me in that direction in case I didn’t. But I am just pointing out that if “Final” works in the popover then “Normal” should in addition to the pipe character or the term “Single” or perhaps they should change “Normal” to “Single” in the hints that come up when hovering with the mouse. And the same goes for “Dashed” - “Dashed” should work in the popover in addition to “Dash”. I’m just pointing out that they are not being consistent. As a baseline, I think that the term used in the Create Barlines section - the actual names of the items - should definitely be allowed in the popover, especially when it does for all of them except dashed and normal.

An alternate way to have consistency would be renaming the tooltips from “Normal” to “Single” and “Dashed” to “Dash”, but I’m not suggesting that.

I know there are bigger fish to fry, but I’m sure this is a quick fix for them if they want to be consistent, which would ultimately help other users that are new to Dorico. :slight_smile:

This is a good idea, and it is indeed easy to add. I’ve made a note of it.