Small issue / question

  1. I record directly into the Montage using “record at cursor”
  2. Later, I click “edit” to open the wav in the wav edit window
  3. I change my mind about the edit and decide to re-record, so I close the wav in the wav edit window without saving
  4. I return to the Montage window to re-record
  5. I try to “record at cursor” using the same filename as before (because I want to overwrite the original recording)
  6. Wavelab tells me “The following file is already opened in WaveLab. You cannot save under that name, or you need to close the file in WaveLab (or the project referring to it). Then try again.”

Question… the file is not open in Wavelab… why will it not let me record over it? I end up having to close Wavelab, and then reopen Wavelab to be able to do this. Not a big deal… just a small annoyance… but is there a work-around, or a fix?


As far as I know it’s always been like this, and I agree it’s a pain. I wish the program could release whatever hold it has on the file as in most other programs (Cubase with the Pool?, most other programs). If somebody has a fix, I’d also like to know.

The file is still opened by the undo system, this is the reason. Overwriting the file would mean to break the undo mechanism. Sometimes it does not matter (your quoted case), sometimes it may matter…

Makes sense. That functionally would be good if I potentially wanted to “undelete” the file in the Montage using “undo”.

I did find a solution without having to close & reopen Wavelab. I can close the Montage, and reopen the Montage. Then when I record, Wavelab tells me the file already exists, but it at least gives me the option to “overwrite” it.

The function “Edit / Clear undo” should have the same effect.

Works great. Thanks PG! I assigned a custom command to the clear undo function, so I can just clear undo right before I re-record.


Note: the clipboard may also hold an “open” file (if you used “Copy” recently).

Yes, thanks PG. My feeble brain never would have thought of the Undo History.