Small issue with editing percussion maps

While editing the attributes for a given note, there are two fields on the right that call on lists. In the Instruments list, when I type two characters – say, sn for snare, it works in the same way as adding instruments in the setup area. In the Techniques list, though, when I type the second character, say na for natural, instead of narrowing down, it jumps from the first n in the techniques list to the first a. Could the additive functionality be added to the techniques field?

*edit: same thing happens in expression maps, and same functionality would be useful I think

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That’s unfortunately not trivial to change, because we’re relying on the standard keyboard navigation behaviour of the list view to jump the selection in the Playback Techniques Combinations dialog. I agree it would be ideal if it worked a bit differently, but it would require some custom UI. Not something we’re likely to work on imminently.

I thought perhaps there would be a catch of that kind. Thanks, Daniel.