Small issue with master section meters and smart bypass

  1. Load a loud audio file… one that was already mastered and hits zero dbFS occasionally.
  2. Load the “peak master” plugin into the 1st insert slot in the master section, and set the “peak master” out ceiling at -1db.
  3. Open the smart bypass window and set the custom correction to 0db.
  4. During playback now, when “original audio” is selected in smart bypass, notice the Wavelab Level Meter correctly shows peaks hitting 0db (the -1 peak master gets bypassed), but the main meters in the master section show -1db peaks still - as if the peak master plug is NOT bypassed. This seems incorrect.

This is “normal”… the sound is still being processed by the plugin (as reflected in the meter), but the sound is the original audio, before the audio chain. If the plugin was really bypassed, then there would be a latency when toggling between the original and processed signals. This is actually the same in all WaveLab plugin bypass mechanisms.

Ok makes sense. Thanks PG.

-Todd Loomis
Noise Radiation Studios