Small layout-renaming bug

Small bug here:
I created a score for soprano saxophone which automatically generated an instrumental part layout called “soprano saxophone”.
I then decided I actually want an alto instead of a soprano, but changing the instrument only affected the layout name on the setup page - not on the score itself, which still had “Soprano Saxophone”. I had to go to the setup page, double click the layout name, change it from “Alto Sax” to something else, then change it back to Alto Sax.

The Player Name, the Instrument Name(s), and the Layout Name are all independent.
After all, a layout can contain many players/instruments.

Hi Derrek, yes I’m aware of that. It’s a bug nonetheless, because the Layout name on the setup page showed “Alto Saxophone”, while the Layout name on the Page itself (the name which when double clicked shows the Layout Name token) showed “Soprano Saxophone”.

So in your layout (Engrave Mode) what is the token that produces the part name?


I attempted this very thing just now, and did not have an issue. The layout name updated with the change of instrument, and therefore the part showed the new instrument. Maybe the details are in how you changed the instrument.

For me, I:
1.) added the new instrument to the player
2.) deleted the old instrument. (presumably after copying the music between the new and old - I did this on a file that did not have music for the particular instrument yet)
3.) Dorico updated the players card and the layout name in setup mode.
4.) the part now showed the new instrument name.


I didn’t delete the old instrument but used the “change instrument” option.
I attached a screen capture.
layout rename (1.67 MB)

I suspect you’re reporting a bug that’s already known about, and it’s not specifically to do with instrument renaming or layout renaming:
The preview in Setup mode doesn’t always update instantly. If you make a change in Setup mode (such as changing an instrument name) and then click on Write mode or Engrave mode you’ll see that the change has been made correctly. If, having done that, you click back to Setup mode you’ll see the preview has updated there too.

Ahhh… I now see the issue you are bringing to light. However, I just tried it… and it works for me.

I think the issue is that you have the layout open when you are making the change.

Here’s what I recommend… click on the “Full score layout”, and view the full score layout. Make the change, and then view the new layout.

If I understand Dorico correctly, Dorico doesn’t “store” each layout, rather it builds it each time the layout is accessed. So when you open the layout, it “builds the layout”. Then when you change the name, the name doesn’t change because it was “built” with the old name.


[Edit] Pianoleo also shed some light on this issue as I was typing.

This is indeed a bug that has already been fixed in our development builds, so it won’t trouble you in the next update, whenever that comes.