Small MIDI keyboard to use with Dorico

I am thinking about getting me a small midi keybord (two octaves) to use with Dorico. While I appreciate the simplicity to write notes with my computer keyboard, I´m thinking it can go even faster if I combine it with a MIDI keyboard. Is there anyone who has something to recommend, and that works well with Dorico ? Do not have to be anything flashy. /Thanks.

The CME XKey works great with Dorico, as does the M-Audio Keystation 32 Mini (my own personal choice), if you can still buy it. If you want something that also makes noise, the Yamaha Reface keyboards also work just fine, and sound cool to boot, though they’re all a bit bigger than both the XKey and the Keystation 32 Mini, not to mention quite a lot more expensive.

Awesome! Thanks Daniel.
I’ll look at the ones you recommended. Forgot to mention that I prefer not to have anything that requires a separate power source.

Both the CME and the M-Audio keyboards fit that particular bill — not sure about the Reface.