Small mistake in the sample Bach fugue


Today I’m discovering Dorico with continuous amazement (coming from Finale 2016…), and as I was exploring it using the provided Bach fugue, i couldn’t help but notice a small mistake. In measure 13 beat 4, bass should have a D, not an F:

I double checked in my Urtext to be sure.

This is tiny and inconsequential, but hey, I thought you might want to know to make this product even more perfect.

Have a great day!


Welcome to the forum @laplante.daniel9!

Fantastic, what an eye for details!
Welcome to the forum, Daniel.
Yes clearly visible in the manuscript, too:
(BWV 861)

(top staff in C1 clef)

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Could have been an ear for details. Such a moment with an open 5th in a Bach fugue would certainly stick out to me.

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yes, it would be a move into an octave.

Thanks for letting us know about this typo, Daniel. I’ll make sure it gets fixed. And welcome indeed to the forum.

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