Small New Feature Request -Playback from Start of System

When I want to listen to all instruments, my typical workflow is to select/highlight a barline.

Yes, you can click on an individual note of a player anywhere, but this requires precision clicking. If you mistakenly select a slur along with the note, you only here that particular instrument.

Maybe I’m missing something obvious (it happens all too frequently) but my problem is that I cannot select/highlight the barline at the beginning of a system. So if I want my playback to start at the beginning of a system, I have to select the last barline of the preceding system.

It would be nice if we could select/highlight the beginning of a system for playback purposes.

try select the bar number at the top of the system.

There are some other suggestions in this thread :

FWIW, I click on a dynamic - they are far enough away from a note head, so they are the only item selected.

As I’ve mentioned before, click somewhere to select, then before you hit play, press the up or down arrow once. That will guarantee that you don’t have a multi-selection.

shr23 - Clicking on bar number works. My preference would still be to allow clicking on the bar line itself, but this is better than having to go to the previous system. Thanks.

R Pearl & dan - shr23’s suggestion seems to be the simplest solution for my needs, AFAICT the other solutions involve an additional step. But thanks for responding.