Small oddity or even bug in Flow selection

I noticed an odd behaviour in Print Mode-> Export to Graphic:
My project contains 3 flows.
It is just string players with 2 added bassoons in the third flow only.
I tried to export flow 2 only all parts.
I used the new Flow selector and select flow 2.
All string parts of the 2nd flow were beautifully extracted and saved as .pdf files. But the two bassoons got included, with their music of the third flow. That’s odd and I was able to reproduce this behaviour.

I’m not completely clear what you’re reporting here, Klaus. Are you saying that you didn’t even select the bassoon part layouts in Print mode, but these were exported, or that the bassoons are included in the string part layouts, and when you exported flow 3, flow 2 was also included, but only for the bassoons?

Please provide a clearer description of the problem so we can look into it. Even better if you include a project that would help us to reproduce the problem.

Yes, sorry I wasn’t exactly clear, Daniel.
Also I am back at my computer to check again. The bassoons are in flow 3 only (I edited my first post).
What happens is, that I only select Flow 2 to be exported, still the bassoon parts of flow 3 are being included.

  • Flow 1: strings
  • Flow 2: strings
  • Flow 3: strings and 2 bassoons

In Print Mode in the right panel I choose “Graphics” and “PDF”.
Under “Print range” I go to “Flows” and “Choose” (Flows to print or export:).
I deselect all flows and tick Flow 2 (only).
When I now export the parts, I will get the string parts of Flow 2 (as expected), but also the bassoon parts (of Flow 3). I think they shouldn’t be included here.
It seems, the fact that bassoons have music in Flow 3 only somehow lets Dorico override my selection.

Are flow 2 and flow 3 in the bassoon part on the same page? If so, make sure in layout options that each flow starts at the top of a new page.

Sascha, Flow 2 doesn’t exist in the bassoons layouts. Their layout contains music of Flow 3 exclusively.
But I will go and check the Layout Options regarding flows to start on same page - to see wether it makes a difference.

Sascha, in the mean time I have experimented further:
In my part layouts I allow flows on existing page.
I have now changed this for the bassoons to always start on a new page.
It does not change anything of the bassoon layouts (as they only have music of one flow (the third one) only.
But: when I now export the layouts of flow 2 to .pdf , these bassoon parts are still included… The only different is in the way, Dorico processes the files. This time the two bassoon layouts get exported first, then come the other layouts. I know it’s only a fraction of a second difference, but there must be some computing going on on the background…

Can you share a screenshot of Setup Mode with the Bassoon Layout selected?

I am wondering if the issue is that Flow 2 is not even assigned to your Bassoon Layout, meaning there would be no way for Dorico to actually only parse this flow in the Layout.

Yes, my suspicions are confirmed. See attached Project. It’s flow 2, not flow 3, but it works the same.
eport flows bassoon.dorico (437.1 KB)

If Setup Mode looks like this, the issue happens as you described: (I have the Basson Part Layout selected)

But if it looks like this, everything works as expected:

That’s pretty logical, although I admit unhelpful, because you still select the bassoon layout to export, but all it contains is flow 3, or 2 as in my case.

ah, now I sort of half understand…
This is my screenshot, bassoons players are only existent in flow 3, that’s why I have only assigned them to flow 3:

In Layouts I have assigned flow 3 only:

Why should the filter „flow 2“ show the instrument? it is confusing - to me at least…

That screenshot doesn’t say a lot. You should select not the player, but the part layout.

Dorico cannot filter for flow 2 in the basson layout, because there is no flow 2 to filter for to begin with within that layout.

sorry Sascha I am on the train and internet is flaky…
Screenshot has loaded now (see above).

yes, as I said, flows 1 & 2 don’t exist in the Fagotto Layout, because they are not selected. Thus Dorico can not filter for them in export.
At this point, it’s up for the devs to decide if this issue is worth working on, as you could just as easily not include the bassoon in your export selection in print mode, or altternativley add flows 1 and 2 to your part layout. Both methods work reliably.

If one wants to be philosophical about it, I think the filter could work in the same hierarchy as with Page Selection, i.e. in Print Mode:

  1. Choose Layout
  2. Print or Export
  3. All, or
  4. narrow down to selected pages or to selected flows

That would seem logical.
If in step 4) I select page 2 I expect to get page 2 - and not page 1 and page 3. This works.
If in step 4) I select flow 2, shouldn’t I expect to get flow 2 or nothing? - and not flow 1 or flow 3?

But I see your point. If a flow doesn’t exist in a layout, it can still be ticked in the flow selector. May be that’s the only odd bit of it.