Small part inside chord symbol


When I am inputting a chord like C▵, the triangle is pretty small by default. To fix it, I can double click on it in Engrave mode and select the second triangle that has a reasonable size.

My issue is that I need to do it for every maj7 chord (same for Ø chords for example), if I do a small change to the chord, I need to do it again and I need to do it on transposed parts as well.

Is there a way to “remember” that I don’t want small Ø or ▵ in my chord symbols? This is pretty annoying and it create a lot a tedious work. I probably spent several hours just doing that already.

I am using Dorico Element.


Check Library > Chord Symbols, where you will find options for the appearance of chord symbols, including options for the size and placement of the major 7th triangle and the diminished/half-diminished symbols.

Thanks! It helped a lot! I missed it before.

Is there a way to increase the space between the G and the 7 (or -7)?

Gap before alteration is the closest to what I want to do but it doesn’t work (7 is not an alteration so it makes sense but it is in the “same position”)

I’m afraid there’s no single option for this in the Library > Chord Symbols dialog, no.

I don’t know why there is a difference between some chords. In my screenshot you can see that the 7 is too close in A7 but looks fine in D7 and E7 (I haven’t done any manual editing yet).

Would be nice to have something coherent by default.

What font are you using for Chord Symbols?
Can you post a Diagnostic Report than may help someone versed in those pinpoint the problem?

I am using Petaluma/Petaluma Script.

Dorico (941.3 KB)

I also attached the report.

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This is a known issue with the font. See this thread from 2018.

I see, I hope it will get fixed someday!