Small problem on the figured bass

Hi, I’ve searched the manual but couldn’t find how to make this figured bass.
Can you help me?
Thank you


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I think that’s a 6 with a slash through it. So in Engraving Options you want to change this to show slashes rather than accidentals:

And then change the appearance of the slashed 6:


I think it’s just a slashed 6 (Engraving Options>Figured Bass>appearance of raised lowered figures)

It certainly is the equivalent of #6.
But I would like to find a way to replicate the cut.
How you do it?

Set the appropriate engraving option as shown by @Richard_Lanyon above.

It’s already configured like this.
Let me give you an example: when I used the Figurato font to make the same figure, I used 6/.
Now, to do this with Dorico, how should I write?

“6#” or “6+”

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Perfect, thank you all…