Small problem with long file names

Having one file with a really long name in the Editors’ “tabs”, I can’t skip anymore to the other “Tabs”.
When I click on the “arrow”, it doesn’t move to the next file in the group anymore.
(Screenshot: when clicking on the black arrow to skip to the next - no reaction)
Despite of such long names being really bad style, it’s annoying anyway not to come to the next open file :wink:

I will look at this corner case, but I don’t promise to put it on top of my priority list :wink:
(not only very long file name, but also very narrow screen…)

It’s called a “laptop computer” with 17.3" screen and usually doing it’s job well! :smiley:

  • But thanks for the hint for a “workaround” - when dragging the WL window wide over two screens, having the name completely visible (new screenshot), the “arrow” works. :wink:
    Still a little strange for me, I’m used to use laptop computers for many years and never had a problem like this. In RX for example I often only “see” the first characters of a file name, but the “tabs” and “arrow” work fine… (second screenshot: small RX6 window, tabs cutting down the file names - always working fine)