Small problems during a transcription

Dorico - Mac Studio.

I noticed a small problem.
If you notice in the first image there is the joke that I have to transcribe, but in the second there is what happens on Dorico.
Of course, to correct it, simply go to Typography and move the rest by 1/8 and place it before the 1/32 rest, but as you know, there is a way to avoid this correction and make Dorico do it without manual changes?
Thank you


Not sure why it’s appearing that way on its own, but you can fix this easily with Force Duration (default hotkey “O”). Enter note input at beat 4 in that bar, turn on Force Duration, select rest input, and then enter the value you want (in this case an eighth rest).

If we’re lucky, someone with a pre-established workflow to make a .gif will swoop in to show you the settings in action…

I think the issue may be that Force Duration has already been applied, but I can’t know without seeing the project file. When you click on the 32nd rest, is the force duration button highlighted? If so, click the button (or type “O” to toggle) it, and then type “5” to change it to the eighth rest you expect to see.


I will answer you tomorrow, now in Italy it is 00:24 A.M.
Thanks for the replies… :slight_smile:

here is the flow that gives problems.
If you can figure out what the problem is I would be grateful.

Test.dorico (741.4 KB)

Thank you…


I can reproduce the problem (bug?) in a new project, it happens with a cut C time signature but not in 4/4.
You can of course solve it using “force duration”. Select the 32th rest, press “o” (letter o), then press “5” to get an eight rest.

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I see the same behavior as rafaelv–that rhythm pattern displays as I would expect (in your first example) in other time signatures (4/4, 4/8), but not as I would expect (and I’d say incorrectly) in time signatures with a 2 on the bottom.

Reproduced here in both Dorico 4.3 and 3.5.

Can anyone warn programmers about this problem?

We know about this kind of issue already. The issue is that in 4/4, the beats are one quarter long, while in 2/2 they’re one half note long. Dorico doesn’t have particularly intelligent behaviour for dividing rests within a beat, and it makes a poor choice here. We are planning to spend some more time on improving Dorico’s note and rest grouping in future, and these kinds of issues will certainly be among those that we want to tackle.