Small quirks with german translation

Two comments on the german translation:

  1. In Setup Mode, the instrument groups are not sorted alphabetically, but the individual instruments are.
  2. When it comes to paragraph styles for flow titles its a little quirky: There are flow titles at two positions: At the top of a flow and at the top of standard pages, both labeled with {@flowTitle@}.
    In Paragraph styles the first kind is called »Partietitel« a.k.a. flow title. But the second one is called »Überschrift« which means title, headline, … I think it might take quite a lot of time, if someone wants to adjust the font of the second kind of flow title appearance simply because »Überschrift« is not the term you are looking for in this case. Maybe »Kopfzeile« could be a better term.

(»Headline« means both, Überschrift and Kopfzeile but in german language these are different kinds of text objects)

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In case it helps your understanding in general, the paragraph style used for the little flow title at the top of the Default page template (i.e. on page 2 onwards in full score layouts) is called “Header” in English. That’s because the function of that top text frame is to be the “running header” after the first page of music.

In full scores, it shows the flow title but in parts it shows the layout name. You can of course customize it to show whatever you like in the running header, or remove it entirely. Here are diagrams showing what content appears on page templates by default.

Thank you Lillie!
I don’t have the problem not to know how to work with this stuff. All I wanted to say is, that its a quirky german translation.
In Paragraph Styles Dorico translates (running) header with Überschrift. But a german Überschrift is not a running header. Überschrift means something like headline. A (running) header is called Kopfzeile. I think that german natives intuitively look for Kopfzeile, if they want to adjust the running header but not for Überschrift. Thats all I wanted to say. :wink:

(In my case: In the beginning I had to try out quite a lot of different paragraph styles in order to realize that it needs Überschrift to change a Kopfzeile. Now I know it, but I wasted time to find it and to overwrite my mother tongue.)
Have a nice week!

That’s fine, I shared that context just in case as you’d described them as paragraph styles for “flow titles”; their general purposes are a bit different (ie one is for flow headings, the other is for running headers).

Regarding the order of the instrument families in the instruments popover: it’s intentional that the families are not listed alphabetically. They are instead listed in a nominal (if extended) orchestral score order.

I am not sure whether Daniel is referring to the list at the top of this page, or to another somewhere else in the program. But the order of the left hand list above is a direct translation into German of the English list which is ordered alphbetically (according to the English names). This places Woodwind at the bottom, and is certainly not orchestral score order.


Heh, you’re quite right, David. I need to get my eyes tested (again).