Small request: retain app icons

It’s kind of cool that when using other apps in Cubasis, through AudioBus or InterApp Audio, the app icon will show up on the track. However, the icon disappears when you load up the song again with just Cubasis open. Would be a nice cosmetic touch to somehow retain that app icon, like maybe by saving it in the song file. I imagine that wouldn’t be all that resource heavy, and if it is maybe you could have an option to turn it off.

Just a thought, and actually it would act as a label as well, to help distinguish one track from another so it wouldn’t be just purely cosmetic.

Thanks for listening. :mrgreen:

Hi Rerun,

all thoughts and ideas are very much welcome and we keep them all in the mind and see what we can include in future versions. :wink:

Thanks again,

A good idea as long as we can change them when we change our minds …

+1, this would be a nice future addition.