Small session, slow & sluggish response

Hi Guys,

Doing a voice edit on an animation; it is a very small session, the piece is 7 mins long and there are about 16 audio tracks, sparingly used.
In the pool there are around 20 audio files of around 8 mins in average.

There are not a whole lot of edits, and Nuendo uses around 600k as a working set.
Latency is at 512, only a few plug-ins are used and the cpu meter clocks around 10%.

Yet the session is really sticky and sluggish while moving around, and dragging audio around feels sticky and slow, as if Nuendo really needs to work to get this stuff around.
The disk is hardly being accessed, so it can’t be that.

I have recently switched to larger monitors (2x 2560x1440 resolution monitors, one which has the arrange window on full), but the session was sticky on my previous monitor too.
Can’t be the machine either, as it is no slouch (check my sig).

So what is going on? This session feels a lot slower than it should be, especially on my machine and with so little in terms of audio and processing going on.

On a sidenote, I hope it won’t be long before SB switches Cubendo over to GFX card assisted UI drawing (as Aero supports), since XP is now no longer supported…


Graphics card? There are many so called “high-end” cards that cause some apps out there to appear like they are stuck in molasses…especially “gamer” cards…