small slash becomes large after tie

I input slash voices in quarter notes and eight notes. After that i realized I made a mistake, and wanted to tie two eight notes. As you can see in the screenshot the second eight note becomes large again, and I can’t find a way to make it small again. Scale or custom scale won’t work, since they both become larger or smaller…
Does anyone have a suggestion ?

Have you tried to reinput the note? Maybe this helps.

@ReRei I have tried to reinput the note ; then both become large ; when I (custom) scale them they indeed become smaller, but not exactly the same shape as the slashes before. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, and there is a simple solution to solve this ?

You may find that if you switch to Engrave mode, you can select the tied-to slash and switch on the ‘Small slash’ property to make it small again.

Thank you Daniel ! Problem solved ; we’re all still learning…