Small suggestion: note value on caret.

It’d be nice to have the chosen note value reflected on the little quarter note at the bottom of a caret. So it be, for instance, an eighth note instead, if you have that selected.

Good idea! And please the colour of the voice!

The problem with your suggestion is that the little note on the caret is not designed to show the current note value: it’s to show the voice direction. When you have a very short note the value will be indistinct, and with a note longer than a half note it will not be able to show you the direction of the voice.

Thank you for your reply!

An alternative to this suggestion would be to have the little note how the duration, and something else show which voice we’re writing for. Then have the stem direction of the voice be configurable on a menu.

Despite Daniel’s reasonable rationale, I still feel that it’s a nice idea to have a cue of the current note value ‘in-place’ - i.e. right at the spot of your eyes’ focus.

Yes, you have a good point. Maybe the solution would be that when the left panel is closed, there might be a box like the scissors, tuplets, override, etc…already have and are alway visible, that could indicate the selected note value. This way the panel would not have to stay open to verify the selected note value.