Small things -- repitching, copying/moving

  1. When starting repitching with caret on a rest I think it would be more practical if Dorico would commence on the note to come after the rest instead of the one before.

One gets used to always move to the right note, but it would be smoother if this wasn’t necessary.

Illustration: selecting, copying with key command to staff below, pressing enter, pressing L, repitching.

  1. When copying and moving to staves with the keyboard commands, one of the slurs does not copy as expected.

Illustration: selecting, copy to staff above, move to staff above.
slurs disappear

Your second example is because of the intermediary step where you’ve got two notes on one staff. It’s too fast, but see what is selected before you do the final move.

You’d be better off doing one Alt-click to the top staff from the first selection.

True, the slur is not duplicated.

Neither is the dynamic, but that one moves along, leaving the third staff without p:

But I agree with point 1 in the OP. Certainly repitching a note way behind the caret seems wrong, or at least very tricky.

To the team: Would it be possible (and desirable), when hitting L, for the dashed cursor to jump past any rests to the next note?

There’s only one operation in the note input toolbox that causes the caret to move when you toggle it, and that’s the Chord Input button, which will advance the caret if you’ve just input a note. Otherwise, we don’t tend to move the caret in response to changes to the toolbox. In this case, I wonder whether it would be annoying that toggling Lock Duration on and off again would leave the caret in a different position.

I’m sure some would complain about such a change, though it would be better than the current behavior. How about: Would it be possible for lock duration to repitch only ahead and never behind?

I’ve just been bitten by @LAE’s first problem here, but while repitching with the caret across three staves. In a situation like this, the only sign I have on-screen that something is wrong is that my top two staves are both repitching to the top note of the two note chord I’m playing (and that’s only because of the way I have my Note Input preferences set):

I’ll be more careful in future, but I’m uneasy about things potentially being repitched many bars before the caret position.